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After the End's ~ Draco Malfoy
Natural Born Slytherin

Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-12-25 22:00
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
I wake up and stretch, smiling as I see Pansy laying next to me. She looks so beautiful when she's sleeping - a true Pureblood witch. Her parents are fools. Rolling over on my side, I gently brush the hair out of her eyes and kiss her on the lips. When she opens her eyes, I smile at her. "Happy Christmas, Pansy."

She smiles back, stretching slightly as she does. "Happy Christmas, Draco."

I lean in for another kiss. When we finally pull apart, I smirk and say, "I must say this is much nicer than waking up at Hogwarts on Christmas morning to Crabbe and Goyle's grunts and groans."

"You know, when I'm kissing you, it is a bit of an insult if you are thinking about Crabbe and Goyle," she remarks with a smirk of her own.

"Oh I thought that before I even woke you up, I'm just voicing it now," I say with a grin. "So what would you like to do first? Breakfast or gifts?"

"Let's start with gifts. It is Christmas after all."

"OK," I say, rolling away from her and standing up. I pull my dressing robe around me and watch as she gets up as well. A few minutes later we are out in the sitting room by the tree.

I pick up her gift and hand it to her. "I would like you to open your gift first."
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-12-03 18:58
Subject: Plans for the Future
Security: Public
Tags:(theo), draco, narcissa, pansy
I sit in my office at work, looking at the list that I've made. I know what I want the manor to have in it, but I don't know how long I will have to have it built. I think Pansy and I should set a wedding date. This way I will know exactly what time frame I will have so that the manor will be complete by the day that we marry.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-11-19 23:45
Subject: A Visit with Mother
Security: Public
Location:Malfoy Manor
Tags:(pansy), (theo), draco, narcissa
I owled Mother and let her know that I would like to come and visit her. I want to talk to her about my plans for building a manor for Pansy and me, and see if she has any advice for me. Letting my staff know that I will be out for an extended period of time, I leave the club and soon find myself on the front step of Malfoy Manor.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-11-15 14:25
Subject: Truth
Security: Public
Location:our flat
Tags:(theo), draco, pansy
I am determined to go home tonight and spend time with Pansy. I'm even leaving work a bit early so that I can go home and get things ready. The club is almost ready to reopen, after my aunt and uncle 'redecorated' it. Pansy hasn't said anything, but I know that she's upset with me. So I'm bringing us each home one of our most savory dishes, a bottle of wine, and a bouquet of flowers. Everything will be all set up by the time she gets home.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-11-01 01:04
Subject: Battle scars, inside and out
Security: Public
Location:My flat
Tags:(bellatrix), (crystal chamber), (lucius), (narcissa), (ron), draco, pansy
I was discharged this morning with strict instructions that I should take it easy for the next couple of days.

Right. Take it easy. My club is a mess, my face is a mess, and they are telling me to take it easy.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-10-31 23:34
Subject: I wonder what the Hat would say now
Security: Public
Location:St. Mungo's
Tags:(katie), mother, pansy, snape
My whole face is burning with pain, but worse than the pain in my face is the knowledge that I saved a Muggleborn's life.

A Muggleborn.

What in the name of Merlin made me do it?

The Healer who examined me told me that I am very lucky that none of the crystal hit my eyes. But I also saw the look on his face when he saw me. The pallor of Pansy's face at the club told it too. I don't need a mirror to know that I am really cut up.

I hear Mother's voice outside the door to my room. I haven't seen her in weeks, not since my last visit to the Manor. I guess either Professor Snape or Pansy must have told her what happened.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-10-06 13:35
Subject: Swallowing My Slytherin Pride
Security: Public
Location:Our flat, to start
Tags:draco, katie, pansy
I never thought that a day like this would come. If you had told me that there would come a day that I would be apologizing to a, yes I will say it, Mudblood, I would have laughed.

But I am not laughing now.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-09-23 18:16
Subject: A Talk in Stonehenge
Security: Public
Tags:(hannah abbott), (katie bell), (mr. parkinson), (narcissa), (pansy), (ron), demetria, draco, lucius
Today I am having a face to face talk with my father. I don't know how it will go, or what to expect. He told me in his owl that I can bring Pansy if I wish, but if things go badly I don't want her to get hurt. I have no reason to believe that things won't go well, but I also don't want to assume anything.

I think about the lawsuit that is being brought against me by Katie Bell, and I wonder what Father will say about it.

I wonder what he will say when I tell him what has been on my mind for so many years.

I wonder if I will make it out of this meeting alive...

Finally, the time has come and find myself being taken away to Stonehenge.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-09-22 17:45
Subject: Sharing the news with Mother and Pansy
Security: Public
Tags:(katie bell), (lucius), draco, narcissa, pansy
It has been over twenty four hours since Hannah Abbott told me the news of the lawsuit. I have not had time to go and tell Mother, but I need to, and soon. I wonder what she'll think of me? I believe I'm doing the right thing. I don't need any more bad publicity in the slightest, and I don't need people to be reminded of my past sins.
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Draco Malfoy
Date: 2007-09-11 14:37
Subject: Dispelling Doubts with Decisions
Security: Public
Location:Our Flat
Tags:(hannah abbott), (lucius), (narcissa), draco, pansy
I haven't told Pansy about the owl from my father yet, nor my reply to it, but I plan to. I have learned that I shouldn't keep secrets from her, unless it's a surprise, and chances are she is wondering what came of it to begin with. Going downstairs from my office, I find Pansy in what used to be the spare bedroom. "Do you have a minute?"

She looks up from the parchment she was looking at in a quizzical way, then nods. "Of course."

I pull up the chair to her desk. "I want to let you know that I received an owl from my father recently. He wanted to know what we wanted to do regarding your father."

"What did you tell him?" she asks, pushing the parchment to the side.

"I told him that we should wait," I say honestly. "I didn't know how you felt about it and although I personally think it's a good idea, I have to take your feelings into consideration as well."
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